Mending A Torn Canvas Patio Drapery

If you use outdoor canvas drapes to aid in keeping moisture and sunlight away from your front porch, you most likely enjoy these protective features when you want to spend time in the area. The discovery of a tear in a canvas drapery will need to be tended to quickly if you wish to continue having the area protected. Here are some steps you can use to patch a small tole or tear in an outdoor canvas drapery on your own.

6 Mistakes To Avoid When You Redesign Your Kitchen Countertops

Whether you're having countertops installed on a new home or you're replacing old countertops, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid for the best possible results.  Your countertops need to be both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen, so you're making an important choice when you select them. The following are six big mistakes you need to avoid to make the right choice regarding your natural stone kitchen countertops.