Mending A Torn Canvas Patio Drapery

If you use outdoor canvas drapes to aid in keeping moisture and sunlight away from your front porch, you most likely enjoy these protective features when you want to spend time in the area. The discovery of a tear in a canvas drapery will need to be tended to quickly if you wish to continue having the area protected. Here are some steps you can use to patch a small tole or tear in an outdoor canvas drapery on your own.

Get The Right Supplies

To fix a hole in canvas material, it will be necessary to stitch another piece of canvas over the affected area. This will require you take a trip to a local fabric or craft store to obtain a piece of material that matches the color of your drapes if possible. An alternative is to head to an auto supplies store as they will have canvas patching kits used to fix convertible automobiles. Take a photograph of your draperies before heading to a store so you can match up the color to the best of your ability. You will also need to purchase a canvas needle and clear fishing line or canvas thread to effectively do the repair work. 

Stitch The Patch In Place

Cut a piece of canvas material slightly larger than the hole or rip you want to cover. Place the patch over the affected area and sew it by hand using your clear fishing line or thread to adhere the patch in place. It is a good idea to add a patch to each side of your outdoor drapery for added protection against the elements and insects. Stitch the patches slowly as it may be difficult to guide your canvas needle through the thickness of the material.

Add A Sealant For Added Protection

After your patch is placed, adding a sealant around the edges and along the threaded areas will aid in keeping moisture from getting in your porch. A waterproofing agent can be purchased where canvas patches are sold in an auto supply store or boat repair shop. This agent is clear and can be dabbed over the edges of the patch as well as the thread. This is done with help from a small paintbrush or a piece of clean, microfiber cloth. The sealant will dry and harden, leaving behind a barrier of protection that moisture will not be able to penetrate. 

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