5 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Granite Countertops

Granite countertops in kitchens and bathrooms can quickly become marked up by water stains and coated with other types of debris. Regular cleanings aren't only important to keeping countertops looking great everyday. Cleanings that are done properly also maximize a countertop's lifespan.  To properly clean your granite, avoid the following five common granite countertop cleaning mistakes: Using any abrasive materials or substances Granite is a hard and durable stone. However, the smooth surface of a granite countertop is sensitive to scratches and can become dull if abrasive substance are used to clean it.

Removing Invasive Autumn Olive Trees From Your Property

One of the most troublesome types of invasive trees in America today is the autumn olive, a plant that originally hails from Asian countries such as China. Although it is beautiful and adored by many birds, autumn olive also has no trouble choking out existing ecosystems and can continue to spread even when burned to the ground, making it a particularly tenacious foe for conservationists. If you own property and have noticed that your native species are being choked out by rapidly growing autumn olive trees, you will likely need to enlist the help of a professional tree removal service to stop them once and for all.

Three Tips to Help Save Trees from Spreading Infestations after Tree Removal Is Done

When there is a problem with trees, sometimes the only solution is to have them removed. This can be something that can be problem for any neighboring plants and trees. Caring for the remaining plants is an important chore after neighboring trees have been removed if you do not want disease or infestations to spread. This can be a daunting task, but it can help save valuable trees on your property.

Give A Gnome A Home In Your Landscape This Season

Take part in the latest landscaping trend by creating your own backyard gnome habitat or fairy garden. These whimsical displays are easy to maintain, and versatile enough to work in any space. Consider creating your own magical home for a fairy, gnome, or other woodland creature with a few simple tips: The location. These delightful displays really can be planted anywhere, depending on what you plan to use or grow in your garden.

3 Reasons To Add Concrete Sealer To Your Patio

When your patio was poured by a concrete pouring company, you might have thought that the job was done. Even though you can use your concrete patio as-is for a long time, it is smart to consider applying a concrete sealer a month or so after pouring. If your patio is a bit older, it should be acceptable to add a concrete sealer now if you have not done so recently.