Plantation Shutters: Why They Are A Popular Window Treatment Option

Plantation shutters offer a classy, more customizable and elegant way to cover your windows than curtains, drapes or wooden blinds. These shutters have a wider louvered style which allows them to let in more light, so they can be perfect for those spring and summer months when you want to open up the house. Unlike draperies or shades, plantation shutters do not lift up and down, but are rather made of wooden louvers that can be tilted horizontally in varying angles, letting in varying amounts of light and air flow or closed to cover the windows completely.

3 Reasons To Convert To A Tankless Water Heater

Having instant access to hot water is a modern luxury that many people take for granted. This hot water is provided through water heating systems that have traditionally featured water tanks in their design. Advancements in technology have made it possible to obtain hot water without a tank, but how can you know if a tankless water heat is the right choice for your home? Here are three reasons why you might make the choice to convert to a tankless water heating system in the future.