5 Reasons To Choose A Louvered Patio Cover

A quality patio cover improves the usability of your outdoor space. One option to consider is the louvered patio cover, which has slats or fabric sails that can be opened and closed. 

1. Versatile Exposure Options 

A patio is great when you want protection from the elements, but it can be in the way on those days you want to enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin. Louvered patios provide you with the option to determine your own level of exposure. When fully open, you can enjoy a full view of the sky. Partially closing the louvers can allow some exposure while protecting you from a breeze or glare. Closing the louvers provides a solid barrier to keep out precipitation or the harsh rays of the sun.

2. Light Control Designs

There's another louver option to consider — opacity. Louvers can be made from a range of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, and fabric. There are also options for clear thermoplastics that look like glass but can stand up to the elements. Aluminum and vinyl options provide full opacity when closed, while the fabric is translucent and can still let light through. If you want to be able to see the patio cover even when it's closed, then clear panels are available. 

3. Improved Furniture Protection

For those that don't really feel the need for a patio cover because they prefer to keep the area open to the sky, there is still a good reason to opt for a louvered cover. Enjoy your open-air patio with the louvers open whenever you like.  Then, when the patio isn't in use, closing the louvers will protect the furniture and any other items on the patio from excess weathering from rain and UV light exposure. Closing louvers is much easier and more effective than trying to cover everything with tarps or similar after every use.

4. Home Energy Savings

For homes with patios on the exposed side of the home, a louvered cover can help improve energy efficiency. Close the louvers on hot summer days to keep that side of the house shaded and the interior cooler. In winter, open the louvers so the sun can warm up the walls of the house on sunny days, and close them at night and on overcast days to reduce moisture and wind exposure that can make a house more expensive to heat.

5. Auto and Remote Options

Although manually operated louvered patio covers are available, there are better modern options. Remote-controlled patios can be operated indoors or out using a handheld remote, wall-mounted panel, or phone app. There are also automatic options that use moisture and light sensors. These can close automatically if it begins to rain or if the light is too direct. 

Contact a patio cover dealer to see all of the options available.