Caring For Your New Quartz Kitchen Countertops

If you recently had quartz countertops installed in your kitchen, you are probably enjoying the luxurious look it provides to the room. To keep your countertops looking brand new, perform the following steps to maintain them. 

Clean Quartz Countertops Daily To Remove Debris

After meal preparation, your quartz countertops need to be wiped down to remove any food remnants left over from the preparation. To do this, simply grab a clean dishtowel or sponge and moisten it slightly. Rub it across the surface to remove any food or grime. If you prefer, add a dab of dish cleaner or a few drops of essential oil to the dishtowel or sponge. This will provide a light scent comparable to a household cleaning agent.

Remove Potential Stains Quickly Using Household Cleaners

When something spills or becomes transferred to your quartz countertops, you want to remove the substance quickly so it does not leave a stain. This can be done with a regular household cleaning agent. When selecting a spray-on cleaner, opt for one that does not contain aluminum oxide as this component can cause dulling to the quartz surface if used in excess. Check the contents of a cleaning agent to ensure it is not abrasive. Lightly mist the surface of the countertops you are cleaning and allow the cleaner to remain for a few minutes to aid in breaking down the contents of any spills that have landed upon the surface. Wipe the cleaner using a clean dishtowel or sponge. Follow the process with plain water to ensure all remnants of the cleaning agent have been removed.

Forego The Use Of Sealants

Luckily, quartz stone does not require the use of a sealing agent to provide a surface that allows for moisture to accumulate upon it. If you used a sealant upon quartz, it would merely remain on the countertop until you wiped it away. Therefore, routine upkeep with water and a cleaning agent is all that is needed to remove debris safely.

Avoid Excessive Heat Around The Countertops

While quartz provides a smooth surface that is durable, there is a risk when heat is involved around this stone. Always use a trivet or a potholder when setting hot cookware on the countertop. If heat remains upon the countertop for a long enough duration, the quartz underneath the heat source is prone to cracking, fading, or warping. To avoid these scenarios, turn off your oven or stove burners and allow for cookware to cool down for a few minutes before moving to a trivet or dishtowel placed upon the countertop.

Contact a local home improvement store to learn more about quartz countertops.