5 Factors That Can Impact The Cost Of Roller Shades

Roller shades are an ideal window treatment solution in nearly any room of any home. These sleek, streamlined shades provide full coverage over a window without being bulky, which means you can use them alone or layer them with swags or drapes if desired. Easy operation and maintenance are other benefits of roller shades. When getting a quote for new shades, several factors can impact the cost. 

1. Measurements

When it comes to shade measurements, there are two options — standard sizes or custom-made to fit. If you have standard-size windows, then you can get pre-made shades. Otherwise, the shop will measure each window and custom make the shades to fit any non-standard size windows. Custom-fit shades can cost a bit more, but the clean lines and good coverage make it worth it. 

2. Number of Windows

Although it will cost more to install shades on multiple windows as opposed to only one, it can actually save you money to have the shades put in all at the same time. Many installers will provide a discount on the quote the more windows you are covering. So if you are planning to have all the windows done over the next few years, it may make more financial sense to do them all at once for a quantity discount. 

3. Material Types

There is a wide range of options with roller shades. The most common are vinyl, fabric, and vinyl-backed fabric. Reed and bamboo roller shades are another option if you are looking for a natural material. Vinyl tends to cost the least out of all of the options but go with the material you like the best since the shades will likely be in your home for many years. 

4. Layering Options

Layered roller shades are faced with your material of choice, but they have an inner layer that is meant to block out all light. There are also dual-layer light-blocking options, which allow you to open up one layer to allow in diffused light or both layers to see out the window. Both of these options can add a bit onto a quote, but they do make the shades more useful.

5. Automated Features

Don't overlook automation, as it can be worth an additional charge. Automated shades are cordless, which makes them safer for pets and children. You can control them with a push of a button. There are also smart app-automated shades that can be controlled by your phone or smart home system. 

Contact a dealer if you would like a roller shades quote for your home.