3 Accessories That Make A Lawn Sprinkler More Effective

If you are using a lawn sprinkler to water your grass, your garden, your trees, your plants, etc., then it is very important that this sprinkler functions well enough to give all of these different plants the amount of water that they need. Thankfully, there are not only several different styles of lawn sprinklers that you can check out, but there are also a variety of accessories that can make the lawn sprinklers even more effective. Here are three accessories that make a lawn sprinkler more effective.

Plastic Sled 

A plastic sled is an attachment for your sprinkler that is flat like a sled and has wheels on either side of it. The sled aspect of the accessory gives a secure foundation for your sprinkler to be mounted onto, and the wheels make it easy for you to move the sprinkler from place to place as you water your lawn and all of your other plants. This ease of mobility can save you a great deal of time because you won't have to remove the sprinkler from the ground several different times a day. Also, because the sled is made out of a thick plastic, it is very resistant to weathering and isn't very likely to break. 


Another awesome attachment that you can purchase for your lawn sprinkler is a tripod. The tripod looks much like a tripod would for a camera, and it has three legs that securely stand on the ground. You can choose from a few different heights for the tripod, allowing you to choose the height that is most effective for your watering needs. The extra height that the tripod provides for your sprinkler allows you to get water to further distances than you could if your sprinkler was simply sitting on the ground. 


A simple, yet very effective accessory is a simple spike. This spike creates a firm foundation for your sprinkler so that you won't have to worry about it falling over and flooding your lawn. A spike is especially important if you have an oscillating sprinkler because it is going to need even more support at the base to ensure that the rotation of the sprinkler head doesn't cause it to fall over. This spike can either be made of plastic or metal, but metal is often better at breaking through hard dirt to securely plant itself in the ground. 

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