Three Tips to Help Save Trees from Spreading Infestations after Tree Removal Is Done

When there is a problem with trees, sometimes the only solution is to have them removed. This can be something that can be problem for any neighboring plants and trees. Caring for the remaining plants is an important chore after neighboring trees have been removed if you do not want disease or infestations to spread. This can be a daunting task, but it can help save valuable trees on your property. Here are some tips to help you save any neighboring trees from infestation after the removal of infected trees.

1. Dispose of Any Materials That Have Been Removed

Disposing of tree waste from infected trees is important. You want to have them removed from the property where they cannot affect neighboring trees. In some areas, there materials may be quarantined to a certain area to prevent spread of disease and insects. If this is the case with your tree problem, you may want to get a burning permit to burn any waste and attempt to contain the problem.

2. Treat Any Trees with Minor Infestations or Diseases

There are also trees that can have minor infestations and diseases. Sometimes, treatments with pesticides and cutting can be done to save trees. It is important to have an arborist from a tree service inspect trees for any potential problems. If an infestation is caught in time, you can often prevent further damage and problems with neighboring trees. You can also schedule regular checkups to check the health of trees that may be in danger.

3. Keep Trees Healthy with Regular Pruning and Treatments to Prevent Problems

If you want to avoid future problems, keeping your trees healthy is important. You may want to talk with a tree service about scheduling annual pruning and trimming of trees. In addition, if there is an insect problem near your area, you may also want to consider solutions to help control different types of infestations. You may also want to promote good health for your trees with fertilization and regular watering during dry seasons and droughts. Doing this can ensure that your trees are healthy and can resist problems due to weak, unhealthy growth.

These are some tips that can help prevent problems with your trees after a removal. If you have infested or diseased trees on your property, contact a tree service to talk with them about tree removal and treatment of problems. Good tree care can help prevent problems from spreading.