Give A Gnome A Home In Your Landscape This Season

Take part in the latest landscaping trend by creating your own backyard gnome habitat or fairy garden. These whimsical displays are easy to maintain, and versatile enough to work in any space. Consider creating your own magical home for a fairy, gnome, or other woodland creature with a few simple tips:

The location. These delightful displays really can be planted anywhere, depending on what you plan to use or grow in your garden. For instance, you can add a few teaspoons of soil to the top of a rotting tree stump to add a bit of grass or cover, such as thyme, for a decorative display. You could also use a retired vegetable patch, flower bed, border, or an old pot; get creative and plant yours in a terrarium, an old rain boot, or a birdcage.

The foliage. Typically, a fairy garden is miniature which means you don't want a lot of tall foliage. Herbs make interesting and easy-to-grow features, as do marigolds, pansies, and impatiens. Use colored stones or marbles to separate and protect the plants.

The features. The cute accents and trinkets are what breathe life in to your display; look for figures, birdhouses, miniature furniture, and other details online or in crafting stores. Birdhouses are easily found and make excellent homes for your gnome or fairy. Collect pebbles, marbles, or stones to use to create paths and separation. Colored sand is another way to create topography in your garden, but you must water the display carefully to not disturb it.

The water. If your garden is big enough, add a water feature like a solar or battery-operated water fountain. These are widely found online and there is a broad selection of styles, types, and price-points. A fountain really brings a garden to live, giving it some animation and wonder. Look forbackyard water fountains for sale online. 

The inhabitants. Don't dwell on keeping the sizes of everything in proportion too much; go with what you enjoy looking at and that appeals to you. Recycle items, collectibles, and trinkets from around your house to give your garden flair and personality. If you happen to have larger garden gnome figures, plant a special spot with taller grasses or climbing ivy on a trellis to create your display.

Fairy gardens and gnome habitats are whimsical and magical displays that fit anywhere, from a flower bed to a rotting tree stump. Try indoor gardens, too, and use large pots, bowls, or other objects to contain your plants, features, and figures. Visit online retailers to find accents, fountains, and figurines to use in your own garden.