How To Design A Patio With A Bird Theme

With winter almost behind us and the spring and summer months ahead, outdoor entertainment is right around the corner. This is the perfect time to get ready for those fun events and for simply relaxing in the outdoors. If you have decided to design a patio with a bird theme, you're in for a lot of fun. From the right decor to a patio awning, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something unique and attractive.

The Floor - If you're starting your patio from scratch, a good place to start your design is with the floor. Wooden planking would be attractive, but it will also need to be stained over the years. One great idea is to select concrete. This material is very inexpensive and you can give it a beautiful look with faux painting. Whether you do the faux painting yourself or you hire an artisan to do the work for you, your imagination is the only limitation you have. Faux paint the concrete floor to look like flagstone, brick, wood, or marble. Since you're decorating your patio with a bird theme, another faux painting idea would be to create a field of flowers with birds as part of the design. Concrete is super easy to care for. Just sweep it and then wash it off with the garden hose. 

The Furniture - For a casual look, look for rustic wood. For a dressier look, choose wrought iron. And for a nostalgic feeling, outdoor wicker would be perfect. The great thing about any of those choices is that you can paint them any color you want to. Choose colors from nature to go with your bird theme. If you'll be selecting furniture with upholstery, choose a design with colorful birds in it. As you shop for your furniture, think about the way you like to entertain. Will you be having sit-down meals with friends and family? If so, you'll want a table and chairs. In addition, buy extra chairs that can be moved easily to fit your needs. For example, if you're just having two or three friends over to visit and to have light refreshments, it will be good to be able to cluster your chairs around a little table. For extra fun, add a bench swing or two. 

The Decor - Don't you think this is the most fun part of designing your bird-themed patio? Look for bird houses of different designs, some for hanging and others to place on tabletops. Buy planters of all different sizes and shapes and stencil or hand paint colorful birds on them. Buy large birdhouses and fill them with gorgeous plants and pretend birds. An outdoor fountain would be a great addition, especially if you place pottery birds around it. Outdoor throw pillows with birds in the design would be nice, too.

A Patio Awning - The frosting-on-the-cake will be to add an awning to your patio. Adding an awning will allow you to enjoy the patio even on bad weather days or when it's a very hot day. In addition, the awning will protect your furniture and your decorations from the elements. A brightly colored awning or a striped one would add drama to your decor, and either option would go great with your bird theme. The great thing about patio awnings is that they're so easy to install that you can do the job yourself. If you select a retractable one, you can pull it in any time you want to. Patio awnings are very affordable and are designed to last for a very long time. When your awning needs cleaning, simply hose it off with water. If it's especially dirty, use a spray on cleanser and a terry cloth rag to remove soil.

When you shop for your patio decor, don't forget to look at antique shops, resale shops, and yard sales for one-of-a-kind bird decorations.