3 Great Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Weddings can be expensive, and you might be shocked by how much things like wedding flowers can cost. If you don't have a big budget to spend on your wedding flowers, however, you shouldn't assume that you won't be able to achieve the look that you want on your wedding day. Instead, try these cost-cutting tips to help you save big bucks on your wedding flowers.

1. Opt for Seasonal Flowers

One awesome trick for cutting costs is by opting for seasonal flowers. If you ask your florist to only use flowers that are in season, you can often save a significant amount of money. Plus, you're sure to love the seasonal look that they can give your ceremony and reception.

2. Go Faux

Have you thought about using fake flowers in your wedding? You shouldn't assume that they will be tacky; faux flowers have come a long way over the years and can be much more beautiful and realistic-looking than you probably think. You also don't have to go with all fake flowers to save money. Instead, try using them in decorative pieces that guests won't be seeing close-up, or use them as fillers to help "bulk up" your arrangements and bouquets without having to spend any more money on real flowers. For example, faux baby's breath or greenery can be used in many arrangements and bouquets without being very noticeable, and they'll work as a nice backdrop for all of your beautiful real flowers.

3. Keep it Simple

If you keep things simple, you won't use as any flowers and will really cut costs. Instead of using huge arrangements, consider using single flowers or small bunches to make a statement. Also, try using just the flower petals by scattering them on your tables or allowing them to float in vases or other containers that are filled with water. You don't have to have huge floral arrangements to make a big statement; usually, just a few will work for things other than bouquets. Along with saving you money, this will allow you to put more of a spotlight on other aspects of your ceremony and reception.

Wedding flowers don't have to cost thousands of dollars when there are so many ways that you can reduce costs. Work with a good wedding florist, and follow some or all of these three tips. Then, you're sure to keep your floral bill to a minimum while still having a beautiful ceremony.