Two Tips For Your Tealight Oil Warmers

It is an unfortunate fact of life that foul and musty odors can fill your home, and this is a problem that many people will spend a great deal of time battling. To this end, tealight oil warmers are an excellent solution because they are able to fill a home with wonderful smells from just a small amount of scented oil. However, some people make mistakes with these devices that can lead to various problems. Try to avoid these issues by following these two tips.

Never Refill The Bowl With Scented Oil When It Is Hot

Eventually, the scented oil will need to be refilled, but some people make the mistake of simply pouring the new oil into the hot container. Unfortunately, this can cause the oil to pop and bubble in a way that can result in burns to you and damage to your oil warmer.

When it is time to add more oil to it, you will want to give it enough time to completely cool off. Idealy, you want to be able to touch it without experiencing any discomfort before you pour more oil into it. While this may take you a little longer to refill it, this is a small price to pay to avoid painful burns or damages to your tealight oil warmer. 

Only Use The Recommended Scented Oil

When buying more scented oil, some people will make the mistake of simply choosing the cheapest or best-smelling oil available. Yet, oil warmers are designed to work with specific types of heating oil. For example, some oils require far higher temperatures than others, and if you use the wrong one, you may find that the scent fails to spread throughout the home.

To avoid this problem, you should only use a heating oil that is specifically listed as being compatible with your unit. This Information is often found on the back of the labelling, and you will need to make sure that your make and model of oil warmer is listed. 

Tealight oil warmers can be an excellent option for anyone that is wanting to improve the smell of their home or business. However, it is critical to understand the steps that need to be followed to ensure you safely get the most from these devices. By understanding the importance of waiting for the oil warmer to cool before refilling it and only using the recommended type of oil for your system, you will be in a better position to enjoy the benefits of these oil warmers while avoiding some of the more common problems