The Advantages Of A Basket Weave Fence

Basket weave fences are made out of thin strips of wood that are woven together in an overlapping fashion in order to create a solid screen. Because of its unique construction, a basket weave fence will provide a unique set of advantages and disadvantages to your home. Understanding what basket weave fences offer can help you decide whether or not a basket weave fence is the right fit for your home.

The Advantages of Basket Weave Fences

Privacy: Basket weave fences provide a great degree of privacy to your home and can be easily built up to a great height, which means that you can prevent anyone from seeing into your home. However, the woven construction of basket weave fences still allow air and sunlight to pass through while still blocking sightlines, which means you will not have to sacrifice the summer breezes or light for privacy.

Aesthetic: Basket weave fences provide an alternative aesthetic to traditional fences because they are woven together horizontally instead of nailed together vertically. This also provides a more natural and rustic aesthetic to your home, unlike the modern, suburban look that traditional fences provide.

Cost: Because basket weave fences are woven together, they do not need rails to hold them together or posts that are as large to hold up the fence itself. This means that you can save money on materials. Furthermore, it should be noted that basket weave fences can be made out of a wide variety of different woods, from thin wooden strips to full sized boards, which means that you can customize your fence to your budget level very easily. This makes basket weave fences viable for all homeowners, no matter their income.

The Disadvantages of Basket Weave Fences

Stress: Basket weave fences place a great deal of stress on the wood used the fence itself. This means that the wood can warp and crack over time, which means that additional repairs and replacements have to be done. However, this downside can be mitigated by using flexible, untreated wood, as it is much less likely to warp or splinter.

Durability: Because the wood is placed under a greater degree of stress, it is much more likely that harsh weather conditions or physical trauma will cause damage to the fence, again costing you more in the long run in terms of repairs and board replacement. Taking proper care of your fence and looking for early warning signs of damage can help reduce the amount of maintenance that you will have to do.

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