Summer Is Here: 3 Decorating Tips To Dress Up Your Patio

Summer time has finally arrived. You have your new patio cover installed and you're ready to plan for your outdoor activities. During the warm summer months, you want your patio to be an extension of your indoor living space, especially since you'll be spending so much time out there. Here are a few simple decorating tips that will make your patio your favorite place to be this summer.

Throw down the Pillows

If you thought throw pillows were just for your living room, you were wrong. In fact, a few well-placed pillows can turn your patio into a comfy getaway. Gather pillows of various sizes and toss them on your lounge chairs. To create additional seating, throw a few large pillows on the ground. Soon your patio will be looking SoHo chic.

Bring on the Decorative Lighting

You want lighting on your patio but you don't always want to use your porch light. Now you don't have to. Those white Christmas tree lights aren't just for the holidays. Hang several strands around your patio. When you sit down to enjoy the cool summer nights, the decorative lighting will provide the perfect amount of light.

For an even nicer effect, consider hanging strands of lights from your backyard trees. The extra lighting will allow you to enjoy outdoor activities after the sun goes down for the evening.

During the daytime, an adjustable patio cover will let you control the amount of light that is allowed in. Look for inspiration online, such as at

Add Bright Furniture Details

While you're enjoying your patio, you want to have a place to set your drinks. You don't have to spend a lot of money to furnish your patio. You can make this delightful patio table in just a few hours.  

Supplies You'll Need

  • Two wood pallets

  • Medium grade sandpaper

  • Electric sander

  • 8 metal mending plates

  • 32 wood screws 1 ½" long

  • Electric drill

  • 4 locking casters

  • 16 2" wood screws

  • Paint brush

  • Primer

  • Exterior semi-gloss paint


  1. Sand all the exterior surfaces of your pallets.

  2. Apply one coat of primer to your pallets and allow them to air dry.

  3. Place your pallets on top of each other to form a table.

  4. Using your drill, attach two mending plate to each side of the table. This will secure the pallets to each other.

  5. Using your drill, attach one caster to each corner of the bottom pallet.

  6. Turn your pallet table over so that the casters are on the ground.

  7. Using your exterior paint, paint the top and sides of your new table.

  8. Allow your table to air dry for several hours.

You're going to be spending a lot of time on your patio this summer. Use these simple decorating tips to make your time outside more enjoyable.