Learn How To Update The Look Of Your Washer With Brightly Colored Paint

Colored washers can often be more expensive than plain white versions. If you want to update the look of your washer, but do not want to invest in a brand new model, consider painting it to give it an updated look for very little cost. Below is an easy-to-follow guide for updating the look of your washer quickly and easily.

Supplies Needed

  • A Sheet
  • Painter's Tape
  • A Paintbrush
  • A Paint Roller
  • A Paint Pan
  • Brightly Colored Enamel Paint
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • A Permanent Marker
  • Polyurethane Spray

Prepare to Paint

Use the pencil and paper to create a guide of the knobs on the washer. When you paint the appliances, the guide that is painted onto the appliances will be covered with paint. Making a guide ensures you are able to label the knobs properly after you finish painting. Pull the knobs away from the washer with your hands. They should pop right off. Lay the sheet around the washer to protect your floor. Place painters tape around the areas where the knobs were removed. This ensures that the paint doesn't get into the electrical components of your washer.

Edge the Washer

Use the paintbrush to carefully paint the edges of the washer. Be sure that you do not get the paint inside of the drum of the washer while you are painting. It is best to paint very thin layers onto the washer to ensure that no paint is able to collect and drip inside.

Paint the Washer

Pour the paint into the paint pan and use the paint roller to paint the large areas of the washer. Use even strokes when painting to ensure that you do not have lines in the paint when you are done. Allow the paint to dry for three hours and then paint the entire washer again.

Recreate Your Knob Guide

Use the permanent marker to draw the knob guide back onto your washer so you can know how to turn the knobs when you need to wash clothes. You can choose to use a stencil to create the guide or free hand it to create a customized look.

Protect the Paint

After the paint has dried for three to four hours, apply a coat of polyurethane spray to the washer to make sure that the paint doesn't chip away from the washer easily. The polyurethane needs to be spraying in short spurts to ensure the spray is as even as it can be.

The washer will really make an impact in your laundry room once it is painted. The paint should stay put for years to come, so you can enjoy the new look of your washer for as long as possible. If the washer itself needs to be replaced, and you intend on painting a new unit, then contact specialists, such as Gringer & Sons Inc, to see how they can help according to your needs.