3 Design Principles to Help Your Sectional Sofa Accentuate Your Home

Sectional sofas are a versatile furniture piece that can create more space in a small room or serve to fill out a larger one, based on the size of the piece. You don't have to be a professional interior designer to accentuate the use of your sectional sofa. In fact, there are a few easy ways an amateur can employ their sectional sofa to enhance the living experience and aesthetics of their home.

Whether you are looking for solutions for your primary residence or vacation home, consider these tips for bringing your sectional sofa to life. Follow them and your friends and family will wonder who your decorator is.


Sectional sofas can both make a room feel bigger or smaller depending on your interior desires. The manner in which you place the piece of furniture in a space makes all the difference in developing the feel you want. In a large space, for example, employ the sofa as a divider, whereby you essentially create two different rooms in one space. This will have the effect of shrinking a room to make it feel more comfortable and manageable to navigate for your family.

In contrast, for small spaces avoid your impulse for using small furniture to populate an already more minimal area. In fact, a large, attractive sectional sofa in a small space can help define the room, as it becomes the focal point for guests and family. 


Sectional sofas serve as a wonderful anchor and foundation to build your space around in terms of accessories. Items such as rugs, lamps and tables with wonderful designs work well with your sofa to bring your room to life. A well-chosen and placed ottoman, for example, can do wonders in enriching the look and function of a sofa. You may consider placing round coffee tables with a sectional piece that forms curves to create a more alluring feel. Use your imagination and let your creativity flow. 


Consider using your sectional sofa as a blank canvas for sprucing up the feel and life of your space. A neutral colored sofa works wonders when decorated with a medley of vibrant colorful components to add texture and ambiance to your living abode. For example, use throws or colored pillows with patterns and textures that are different form the the sectional sofa to add contrasts to your room making it more visually attractive and comfortable.