2 Ways To Remove Stubborn Drain Clogs

If your drain gets clogged, do not call a plumber right away because there are some simple tips and tricks you can follow. For kitchen drain clogs and bathroom clogs, try the following 2 tips.

Removing a Kitchen Clog

Sometimes getting rid of a kitchen drain clog can appear to be a bit trickier than it really is. If you ran your disposal and your drain is still clogged, then there is a good chance that the clog lies within the pipes and not in the disposal.

You cannot just stick your hand down your sink drain to pull the clog out because the disposal blades are in the way. Instead, you need to grab a clean plunger, preferably one that has not been used in your bathroom since you are working on your sanitary kitchen sink.

Next, fill the sink with water until the water is a couple of inches high. If your pipes are clogged, then the water should fill right up without needing any help. 

Next, take your plunger and place it over the opening of the sink. Begin to plunge rapidly and intensely so that the suction will be strong enough to pull the jammed food out. Try pumping the plunger for a few seconds, and then lift it up to see if the water is draining.

Repeat again until the clog comes free, and then run water in your sink to help push the food through the drain.

Removing a Bathroom Sink Clog

Bathroom sinks should be treated differently from kitchen sinks because soap, hair, and makeup cannot be plunged easily. 

To get rid of a clog in a bathroom sink, you need a pipe cleaner and some vinegar. First, pour a bottle of vinegar down the drain and let it sit in the drain for about 5 minutes or a little longer if the clog is really bad.

Next, thread the pipe cleaner through the drain, and begin to twist and move the cleaner around so that it loosens the gunk. The vinegar should have dissolved some of the grime, but the pipe cleaner will help the rest of the gunk to fall away from the pipes.

After cleaning the pipe, pull the cleaner out and remove all of the gunk from the cleaning rod. It is especially important to remove hair, and then you can place the pipe cleaner back in the sink again so that you can continue to get rid of the gunk inside.

With these cleaning methods, you can get rid of tough clogs without the help of a professional. Just be patient and repeat the treatments a few times if they are needed. Of course, for more stubborn problems, don't hesitate to call a service like Rakeman Plumbing to make sure your drains and pipes are healthy.