New Home But Bad Landscaping? 2 Tips To Get It Back In Shape

If you purchased a new home but the landscaping is an eyesore, below are some tips on how you can get it back in shape again. This is something you can do yourself, or you can hire a landscaper to help you. When you are finished, your outside will be as beautiful as inside your new home.

Transform Old Flower Garden

If you have an old flower garden on your property that has been neglected, you can revive it again. The easiest way to do this is to start out with a clean slate. Remove any neglected flowers that are in the flowerbed. When you are finished, use a tiller to break up the soil, spread a bag of compost over the soil, and then till the soil again to mix the compost in. This gives the soil nutrients to help your new flowers grow. If you do not have a tiller, you can use a shovel or a garden rake instead.

Once the soil is ready, it is time for the fun part of choosing your flowers. If you moved to a new state, you may now be in a different gardening zone. It is important to know this information because you want to purchase flowers that grow well in your area. Your local garden center can also help you choose the best flowers.

Look on the plant tag to see how tall the flowers that you purchase will grow. You do not want to plant tall flowers in the front of the flowerbed that will hide the low growing flowers behind them. You should also consider bloom time. For example, some flowers bloom from spring through fall, while others will not start blooming until summer. Put a mixture of them in your garden so you will have several blooms throughout the growing season.

Use Plant Stands

Use plant stands to hold flowerpots filled with beautiful flowers and stand them next to your entry doors. You can also use the plant stands to put flowers on a patio or close to your flowerbed. Common materials that are used to make plant stands are wood, wrought iron, metal, and wicker.

You can also find plant stands in a variety of designs, such as single tiered, multi-tiered, pedestal, oval, or round.

For outdoor plant sands, wrought iron, wood, or metal work well. When purchasing the stands consider how many plants you need them to accommodate, as well as how much weight it needs to hold.

Plastic or resin plant stands are available for flowers that you need to move regularly. Plastic will crack over time, however, and metal would be a better option, as it can stand up to weather conditions, and it can hold more weight. Find your local home decoration store such as Audge's Magic Moments to find a wide variety of plant stands and more to decorate the outside of your new home.

If you plant to cut some of your flowers to bring inside at times, you can purchase inside plant stands to display them, as well as any houseplants you may have.

However you decorate your home, inside or out, remember to make it completely your own and enjoy creating something new.